Single Layer18"x 24" SuperFlag

Single Layer18"x 24" SuperFlag

SKU: SL182401

An 18 x 24" SuperFlag is an essential piece of equipment needed for any film set. SuperFlag’s have been used to control or block light on professional and independent sets nationwide. Whether you are using the SuperFlag to protect the lens from flares, diffuse harsh light, or bounce light from an existing source, the efficiently designed SuperFlag can be used in an inconceivable amount of ways. All of the coverage, half of the price.

  • Technical Specifications

    Solid - Black coroplast to blocks 100% of light.  

    Frost - Clear coroplast to diffuse light.  

    White - White coroplast to softly bounce light.  


    18" x 24"x 4mm


    Not to be used with high temperature lights.

  • Mini Grip Heads not included.